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You should select hair products that correspond to your particular hair type. Here are a few Do's & Don'ts...



Do: Use a shampoo that is body building.  Because fine hair holds moisture better than any other type, you don't need extra hydration.

Don't: Use a clarifying formula which will cause your scalp to produce more oil (leading to flat hair).



Do: Use a sulfate free shampoo which is gentler and reduces tangles.

Don't: Use high-lather shampoo's which cause more tangles.



Do: Avoid shampoo's with sulfates which loosen the structure and bonds of your strands.

Don't: Use any clarifying shampoo's (they will strip your color).

A few facts concerning hair color:

1. Multifaceted color can create the

    illusion of more volume.  Multi-

    toned hair highlights the face

    and gives the impression of more

    body & movement of the hair.

2. After your color treatment, you

    should think about preserving

    the life of your new color by

    using color protecting shampoo

    as well as UV blocking spray.

3. Over the counter products

    can contain ammonia, coal tar       & lead acetate. These can

    severely damage your hair or,

    even be downright toxic. If in

    doubt, talk to your colorist about

    any hair products you're con-

    sidering using.

4. Going darker is less damaging

    than going lighter. Lightening

    color strips the hair of pigment &

    moisture while darkening merely

    adds a layer of color.

1. Use a plastic spoon to apply

   mascara on your bottom lashes.

   That way you won't get any on

   the skin under your eyes.

2. You can get a little more life out

    of your old clumpy mascara by

    adding a drop or two of Visine.

3. To apply lipstick more smoothly,

    use a baby toothbrush to help

    exfoliate your lips.

Here are some delicious foods that promote good hair health:

1. Fish... Salmon, Mackeral &

   sardines are high in healthy

   omega-3 fatty acids which your

   body cannot make on its own.

   Omega-3's promote health in

   general but they also keep hair

   shiny & full!

2. Greek Yogurt... High in protein

    (the building block of hair), it        also has vitamin B5 which              promotes blood flow to the            scalp and may help thinning          and hair loss.

3. Guava... Has more than 4X the

    RDA of vitamin C which helps

    prevent breakage.  Did we

    mention it's delicious with Greek


4. Sweet Potatoes... Contain the

    antioxidant beta carotene            which your body turns into            vitamin A.  This vitamin                prevents dull, dry hair.