The 311 Story

Ecclesiastes 3:11...

He has made everything beautiful in His time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts...

Have you ever seen someone who was stunningly beautiful on the outside only to discover that they were not at all attractive on the inside?  That's because true beauty never really comes from without but it comes from within.  It's a common enough saying that "Beauty is only skin deep."  But where does real beauty come from?

True beauty can only come from the Author & Creator of beauty: God.  And His desire is to share His beauty with you... If you will let Him.  The Lord has promised to live in those who will allow Him access to their hearts.  God wants to share all the goodness of His nature, even His reflected beauty, with each of us.  His Word says He will "Beautify the meek with Salvation!"

Worth The Drive...

“Maria Sawvel has been doing my hair for the last 2 1/2 years. I have tried to find a hairdresser in the city of Murrieta, but none have the expertise and excellence. So I drive the 100 miles round trip, knowing that I will be more than satisfied with how my hair looks."                                                                                              …Ruth F.

That's The 311 Story!

Every one of us, from the most callous atheist, to the unsure & confused agnostic, to the most saintly believer, has a built-in knowing that there is something much greater than us that goes on forever. That's because God has created us with an overwhelming sense of eternity in our hearts.  It's a knowledge that should bring us to seek Him... But, sometimes we just don't get it.

Maria Sawvel

Another Testimonial

Of course, my pledge to you is I will do everything my professional skills allow to adorn and enhance your outer persona but, Won't you let Him come and give you a never-ending river of true beauty, His beauty, flowing from within your heart?  I know you'll be so glad you did!

With All My Love,